What impact will global SDGs have on business in the Arctic?

How sustainable business cases in the Arctic contribute to meet the Global Sustainable Development Goals. 

Breakout session Thursday May 8th at 17:00, The Nordic House Faroe Islands. Organized by MP Magni Arge on behalf of the Arctic working group in the Danish Parliament. 

The impact from climate change is evident and dramatic in the vulnerable Arctic region. But sanctuary thinking in the Arctic is not a solution as the welfare for the four million inhabitants is dependant upon the ability to harvest resources mainly from the sea. The Global Sustainable Development Goals launched by UN offers a much more comprehensive approach to the challenges we face. In this session we will be presented to several cases of sustainable approaches to business development in the North which have been achieved from visionary thinking and acting for several years and contributed to the welfare in the Arctic societies. We will discuss how these approaches contribute to the global sustainable development goals and how the global goals may affect business in the Arctic region.

Speakers are Ben Arabo, CEO of Betri, a significant player in the finance sector in the Faroe Islands and Greenland. 
Atli Gregersen founder, owner and CEO of the leading salmon farming company Hiddenfjord. 
Ásmundur Gudjónsson CEO at NORA who are inventing and coordinating efforts to develop the Blue Bio Economy in The North West Atlantic region. 
Ólavur Gregersen, pioneer and CEO of Ocean Rainforest - the leading seaweed farm in Europe. 
Moderator is Magni Arge, member of the Arctic working group in the Danish parliament and also elected member of the parliament in Faroe Islands representing the independence party Tjóðveldi.

Ásmundur Gudjónsson, NORA
- Blue growth in Arctic is well balanced to Global Goals

Ólavur Gregersen, Ocean Rainforest
- Open ocean seaweed cultivation as a mean to achieve SDG14

Ben Arabo, CEO, Betri Banki
- Do Financial institutions care about global goals and sustainability when investing and when financing businesses and the public sector in the Arctic and Northern regions.

Atli Gregersen, CEO, Hiddenfjord
- No compromise on sustainability has paved the way for a global salmon brand farmed in the Faroe Islands

Full Program: http://www.arcticcircle.org/Media/2018-arctic-circle-torshavn-forum-program.pdf